Mama Beauty


If you follow me on social media(Instagram) you’ll notice that I almost always have makeup on, some of my followers have asked for me to share how I do my makeup and some of my beauty tips/routines.

I have always had clear skin but my biggest problem has been that  it is dry therefor most of my skin tips are for my skin type (normal to dry skin).  Another thing that i struggle with more especially since Aidans arrival is dark circles and under eye bags since i do not get enough sleep right now. I am always trying out things to help alleviate these issues and have found some things along the way that i have stayed loyal to for the past couple of months.

Apart from that, I always do my own makeup and usually focus mote on enhancing my appearance instead of transforming. I have always been interested in makeup but not enough to pursue it as a career. From a younger age, lipstick has always been a friend of mine. I am self taught and to that end sometimes do not follow traditional practices, I just vibe with whatever works. Most of my makeup looks are short and cute which should be suitable for mamas on the go or with limited to get their makeup done.

I will be using this platform to post about some of these things here and also review new products that i come across. Please feel free to request any product reviews or looks etc.