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Good day everyone, firstly I would like to thank you for the interest in my first post. I hope you really try out the recipes and let me know how it goes. If you’re following my journey on instagram, use the #AidanEats so I can be able to see it once you’ve tried out one of the recipes. Im so excited to hear what you think.

This week I’m sharing sweet potato baby recipes. I have been making sweet potato for Aidan since he was 4 months and we’re still eating them now. Sweet potato is a superfood which is packed with so many nutrients, it is  much better choice than its popular relative; the white potato which is most likely to constipate the baby. We chose to avoid white potatoes until he was over 1 year.

Creating a healthy diet for my Aidan has always been an important thing for me as I did not want to introduce him to formula or store bought food. I needed to make sure that he would receive all the nutrients he needed once I weened him off breastmilk at 1 year. I have to say a big part of Aidans diet is influenced by mine which makes it easier when cooking for the family. I don’t have to go completely out of my way to prepare something for him.

When he was smaller though, it was all trial and error so sometimes he wouldn’t like what I would make and I would have to go try something else. There were definitely those tough days when I would have made 4 different meals but still ending up with an unimpressed baby. But the key is to keep trying to identify what your baby favourite tastes are.

Please feel free to try out other combinations with other foods that your baby likes.

Here are our pick of recipes that are suitable for Stage 1 and Stage 2 feeding (refer to google mom).



Tell me how it goes will you? Any questions?

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