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Wow! I literally had to go and check when exactly my last post on here was. Sometimes you fall, right.

Although it may be difficult to pick up right where we left off, I’ll most definitely try to make it a smooth transition right back to ‘regular programming.” I have to admit that I missed writing up blog posts, the excitement I get knowing that I am about share some information. I know, silly right?

Well I’ve got a bunch of drafted posts stored up that I will be working on publishing now that I finally have caught a break from the ‘school rush’. Yes, I went back to school and also a lot of life has happened since I first started blogging so theres definitely lots to catch up on, sadly not today.

Every week, I will be sharing at least 3 recipes from my Aidans menu. Recipes that we have been using since he first started solids. If you’ve been following my motherhood journey, you’ll know that we have tried to maintain a healthy home made diet for Aidan, trying to eliminate all processed foods. This was a personal choice, I stayed home with Aidan until he was 1 year so we chose to breastfeed exclusively and make home cooked meals for the boy.

Aidan is now 2 years old and has maintained a home cooked diet.We substituted breast milk at 1 year with Pamalat growth milk which he now takes 2-3 bottles a day. We had to regulate the little guy with this milk because I swear that milk is addictive. Raising a child on a home made menu is challenging and requires time and patience. The time to create different meals to figure out your babys taste(which is usually mostly during the 4-7 month period because baby will be going through changes as well such as teething). And the patience to try out different foods to find out what your baby likes.Aidans first solid food was mashed avocado, which was just unbearable cute for me.

Also I think that the biggest help for transitioning Aidan to solids was that I would put breastmilk in most of the starting baby food I prepared for him.

The recipes I have prepared for this first week are Oatmeal variations that work well for breakfast or snack options, we introduced oatmeal at 4 months old as something to act as  a breakfast option. Oatmeal and porridge (motogo wa ting) were the popular options at the time. Now over the months, we created different Oatmeal variations to suit the young boys palette. I discovered that he absolutely disliked Banana which he never hesitated to show by cringing his little shoulders and trying his ultimate best to push the food out his mouth but now he eats it. Wow! Time flies!!

Anyways, here are the recipes and I hope you get to try them. For snack time, simply remove oatmeal from the recipe and follow the same instructions. Baby Food Storage containers are your absolute best friend at this time, which are also available at Clicks Stores.




We only introduced Aidan to solids at 4 months old because we could tell that he was ready.(information from google mom). At this age, only a few nibbles at the food are necessary (70%breastmilk, 30% food), the intake will increase as the babies appetite grows.

Moms that are headed back to work soon can consider purchasing a breast milk pump and some milk bags which are available at Clicks Stores to store milk in the freezer for future use. And if you don’t have breastmilk, you can try to use water to adjust the consistency of the baby food.


Tell me how it goes will you? Any questions?

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