Maserati Aesthetics Skin Clinic (Othiphi Skin Health Event)Review

Okay so growing up I have never been too crazy about skin care. To be honest, my skin has never needed much care or maintenance;the sunlight green bar and Vaseline is all your girl ever needed to maintain my skin. But when i fell pregnant, i experienced one of the many things that are not particularly highlighted about the experienced. My skin started to break out at around my second trimester and i was completely in the dark about how to treat it. I used natural products throughout that time and they seemed to keep the break outs at bay until after i delivered that is, post delivery all hell broke lose and it really felt like every other week i would welcome a new pimple.

I have dry combination skin but after delivery it felt more like dehydrated combination skin. Since then, I have been using natural products to maintain my skin and have been successful thus far. Only problem with my current skin care routine is that if i stop using those products for a day or two, my skin crashes. So when i got the opportunity to attend the Optiphi Skin Health Event which was hosted by Masarati Aesthetics Skin Clinic, i was more than eager to attend and learn more about how to care for my skin.

So the event was hosted by Masarati Skin Care clinic which is located by the Village Mall and is run by the sweetest lady; Shamima, there were 2 sessions available and i attended the morning session. The first half of the session was about the amazing range of Optiphi products that are available at the clinic and those that are used for some of their treatments.

Part of Optiphi’s aim and vision is to create a range, which meets the needs of a wide range of consumers, this means that they cater for every skin type and skin condition! Their products are pH-balanced. It therefore not only restores the skin to a healthy condition, but maintains it. The products are safe for use during pregnancy, with exception to the Retinol containing products.

I have got to say this; when trying out products, you commonly have to give the product a substantial trial period to see visible results but this was the first time i tried a product and got instant visible results. Their products are highly concentrated but equally effective so it was really just like watching a magic show on your skin.

Okay so there were 3 products in the goodie bags and the first one was;

cleansing wash.jpgPure Cleansing Wash


plumping_perfector_1.pngLip Plumping Perfecter

As i mentioned before, i have dry combination skin so i would really struggle with whiteheads on my nose and a dull appearance in my skin. After using the sample products on my face for a week, there was a noticeable change in the size of my pores on my nose and  the overall appearance and glow. My overall review of the products is that it is definitely worth the coin!



-Dry dull looking skin

-Uneven tone and hyper pigmentation

-Large pores on my nose







-more vibrant skin

-more even toned

-smaller pores

-hydrated skin



The second half of the session was a Master Glam class by Naasirah

who is a super cheery and talented makeup artist of My Glam Studio. She conducted  a live glam makeup demonstration of how to get snatched, what products to use, techniques and brushes. The class was very informative and interactive which is exactly what you need when you are still learning how to apply your makeup.

Overall, the event was a pleasure to attend and would be great for someone who is obsessed with beauty like i am starting to be. The tickets were going for P300.

For more information about any of the products and treatments available at the clinic, you can contact them on 77819999.

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