A Young Moms Christmas

I would have never thought that the festive season would be one of the things that would make me so nervous and pressured in my motherhood journey but as 2017 comes to an end, Christmas has come to me in a different way. This time, I am the maker of Christmas and let me tell you, I wasn’t prepared for just how much anxiety I was going to experience.

Growing up, Christmas was never really that much of a big deal in my family, it was a big deal when it came to presents but no one really cared for decorations and traditions. My parents divorced when I was young so my brother and I would spend school months with my mom and holidays with dad. That was pretty fun since I’d get to see my cousins who I absolutely adored. If we weren’t with my dads family, we’d be at the farm chasing sheep for the holidays😂. So I never really thought Topo much into Christmas.

Now that I’m grown and have a family of my own, when December was approaching, it dawned on me that I was in charge of Christmas now. In my mind I would love to turn the whole house and yard into a Christmas wonderland and have the house smelling of cookies and other sugary treats, yes ( I’m definitely into all of that) but going about it was the issue for me. I alway see these insta moms who just seem so put together, Christmas cards, Christmas trees, decorations on point etc.. and I aspire to be that mom one day, to have my shit together.

But I had to accept that this wasn’t the year for me, I’m very bad at decorating spaces so if I were to pull off a whole living room Christmas decor, I would need to start planning and buying stuff at least 2 months before the actual decorating(picking out a theme, ornament searching etc), I also realized that it might be easier to pull off a Christmas wonderland if you have actually accumulated decorations from previous years so I guess I’m working on that part.

So to make things easier for me, I just made a shortlist of things that I really wanted to do this year that were easier to pull off.

That included:

  • An organized pretty looking tree

I didn’t like the way we decorated our first tree, so I had to re-do it. Before, I hadn’t thought of a theme but 2 days later, I just had to take down what I had first thought was a masterpiece 😂.

So for the tree, I decided to go with just green and gold colours, this was interesting because I had no gold ornaments and no one was about to entertain my sudden need to re decorate and accompany me to the store to get stuff. I had to DiY it, which turned out to be fun. I just used a can of gold flower spray paint that I had left over and painted over some silver ornaments that were already there. Next, I got some gold ribbon and tied small ribbons and stuck them around the tree.

I must say, the decision to pick out a theme for the tree was pretty good. Once it was done, it didn’t look ‘wow’ but it definitely was more palatable to the eye.

  • Christmas cards

This one for me, HAD to be done. Picture documenting our first Christmas as a family was very important to me. We could keep those pictures to always remember that time and send them to friends and family who we couldn’t see during the holidays. Now this was challenging to do because my husband was still going to work and would come home tired and the last thing he’d want to do is have someone taking pictures of him. So I set up the little equipment I have and had to DIY it too. I decided on a simple white theme and a few props for the pictures which I got at Game store.

The pictures came out better than I expected and I’m glad we got to do it because I know better now how to go about it.

  • Christmas cookies

I would love to have this as a tradition with Aidan, to bake cookies and leave them out for Santa 🎅 the more you leave, the more presents he’ll bring right? Well I have to practice making these because I really suck at baking stuff so I definitely know I’ll have a couple of hiccups with these.

For these, I’ve decided to go with choc chip cookies and ginger bread men.

I have my fingers crossed for these because I think I saw something about parchment paper with these and I have no idea what that is.

  • Christmas lunch

I had to think long and hard about this one, whether I wanted to have lunch or dinner. And my decision was mainly influenced by the fact that my helper won’t be there in the evening… and I’m not going to have dirty dishes starring at me on Christmas evening. Also,cooking with Aidan is easier in the mornings rather than evenings.

While we are still on food, deciding on a menu was hard but I have chosen to play it safe with recipes that I’m familiar with. I’ll be serving a three coarse lunch;

Starters; prawn cocktail with avocado

Main; Grilled Mediterranean chicken served with Mashed potato, steamed vegetables and a green been salad.

Dessert; apple pie and traditional custard

Drinks; whiskey is standard for the hubby. I will also be serving Mimosas, tequila sunrise and don Pedros. Please let me know if you’d like recipes for these dishes and drinks.

Well, this years Christmas will definitely be a learning experience for me. I’ve stumbled into a new world where I am responsible for my Little’s happiness. I had a great yet stressful time putting this together. And now, it’s time for me to stop stressing/planning and to start enjoying my holiday. Happy holidays to you all!!

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