Workout of the week!

Hi everyone, I promised to post a favorite workout once a week. This is my last weeks one, i know… I’m late but i have been experiencing the worst connectivity and internet issues (third world problems haha..) Also initially i was a bit hesitant about posting it because of how bad my form and posture is but had to remind myself that i am still in the beginning of my journey, it will get better with time. I want to share my journey honestly with you so when the day finally comes and i have reached my fitness goals, we will all know where i started.

The workout includes 10 mins of light cardio(jogging) before getting into the hiit workout. Also remember to stretch before and after the workout.

so if theres anyone feeling a bit off in their fitness journey, I’m here with you. Hope you enjoy the workout.

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I'm a young mom, recently married and going about life also trying to record most of my journey. It's complicated but so rewarding too.

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