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Hi moms 👋🏽 so it’s been 5 months since I gave birth and I’ve decided to get back into a fitness routine. Why now? Well, fitness was a big part of my life before i fell pregnant so it’s definitely something I have missed these past few months. When I found out I was pregnant, I stopped hitting the gym mainly because l wanted to make sure that my little guy was safe and sound. I know it’s perfectly fine to exercise throughout a pregnancy but Im just one of those people that like to focus on one thing at a time.. and at that time, my focus was on growing my sweet Aidan 😊

Since Aidan’s birth, I haven’t really wanted to put any thoughts on my weight, fitness etc because I just wanted to make sure that Aidan was doing well. As a first time mom whose only assistance is Skype calls with Mom and google, I really didn’t feel like I could prioritize myself before I even knew how to breastfeed my son properly 🤷🏽‍♀️😆

Now Aidan is 5 months old and I feel I’ve gotten a hang of this motherhood job so now I can get back to making myself feel good. For me, there are other benefits I look for through fitness other than the banging body, for example improving my energy levels. Exercising helps me improve my energy levels, clear my head and skin. I will be exercising from home, with just a little equipment that I got.

My doctor had advised me to stay off exercise for at least 3 months Post delivery and at 3 months post partum I wasn’t ready to start exercising again. How do I know this? I tried it 🙈 One evening I thought, let me just go get a jog in to see how it will go. Guys, it was complete hell. I couldn’t carry my body and I felt like i was all over the place and had no control/ strength over my core. I was quick to realize that I needed more time to heal and so I retired those ambitions and just continued to focus on healing and good nutrition.

I think it’s really important not to rush into things because you’ll never know what damage you could cause. I would love to have a vaginal delivery for my next pregnancy so I really try to be careful with my C-section recovery.


What is this? You can read up on it over here 👉🏽

When I stumbled onto this article, I was almost 3 months Post partum and so I decided to do some exercises to correct this. I’ve been doing them since then ( so for like 2 months). I definitely feel much stronger in my core and feel as though I have more control and stability. Before doing these exercises, flexing my abdominal muscles was impossible, they just felt completely nonexistent, to the point where I actually never pictured myself even doing any abdominal exercises successfully but now I’m feeling a little stronger in that department, strong enough to give me hope that I just might see my abs again one day.

You can find the exercise video here.

what is my definition of fitness? Before I begin, I think it’s very important for me to talk about what fitness means to me. I think it’s important for everyone who is planning on starting a fitness journey to know and understand what fitness means to them. For me, fitness is being able to run a good distance without huffing and puffing, it’s being able to feel lighter on my feet and energized during the day. Fitness is feeling strong and also looking my best. Everyone has their own fitness goals and preferences. Mine include that my body is toned and firm.(I lost all my muscle mass during my pregnancy )

What is my goal? It’s super important to set goals when getting back into fitness, and realistic ones too. So I’ve gone ahead and set some goals for my fitness journey. And here what it looks like;

Mental state: less fatigue, more energy and self love

Timeline: 16 weeks, I will be giving myself 16 weeks to achieve my fitness goals. The first 4 of these weeks will be dedicated to pre-training.. like a little crash course to get my body ready for intense workouts. I feel as though it was super important for me to start off with the pre training because the one thing I remember about trying to lose weight before, I was really impatient and did all the hard exercises on the first day/week. This would leave me with the most terrible muscle soreness and I would feel so unfit and demotivated. So this time I started off slow and I definitely feel ready to take on some weights now.

Weight: I would love to weigh 65kg. My Current weight is 71kgs so I have 6kgs to drop off. I’m pretty hopeful

Body goals: I have really fallen in love with my new Mom body so I will be focusing more on toning my body and building muscleinstead of weight loss, the weight I would love to lose is mainly from my tummy and back but I know that for that to happen, I’ll still need to lose some in all the other places. So we’re really going for an hour glass shape.

Method. I will be exercising with Dzuke, because we do everything together ☺️ and we’ll be exercising 5 times a week.

HIIT exercises three days of the week(MWF) and light activity for the other two (T/Th)

We’ve found that we’ll have to workout in the evening (1900hrs-2000hr) when Aidan goes in for the long sleep. This is convenient for us as we both go through long days and use this to wind down the day and distress. Another benefit I’ve realized is that after working out in the evening, I tend to sleep much better.

Nutrition: Since I’m still exclusively breastfeeding, I can’t afford to be stingy with my calories. My diet since giving birth has been inclusive of 5 meals a day to keep my tummy satisfied and my milk supply good. I try to stay away from foods that are high in starch and fill up on fruits and nuts throughout the day. Breakfast is usually a protein filled English breakfast then followed by porridge, oatmeal or weetbix (sp)more especially if I’m still feeling a little hungry. My diet is not strict cause sometimes I’m just burned out and Nandos is just a call away but even then I try to exclude their fries and have a home made salad and sweet potato fries to accompany their chicken. And on some days I just let loose and get those wings that I’ve been thinking about during the week.

I will be taking my time with my goals and being as patient as possible. The one thing I know from experience is that, results won’t come immediately, it takes time and consistency. I will have my occasional drinks and cheat days, as mentioned this is not a strict fitness journey.

I won’t be able to post all the workouts that I will be doing but I will post some favorites once a week on my instagram sokeep posted.

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2 thoughts on “Getting back to exercise

  1. Hi Mama…
    The more I read this article, the more motivated I become… I remember there was a pointo where I tried to get back to exercising while baby was just 10 weeks old… gosh it was the most painful and exhausing experience… and so I stopped…
    I get a lot of people commenting about my weight gain, in my heart I’m like guys I just had a baby.
    I still want and need to loose weight because I have a wedding coming up, and just a few months… like you I love my postpartum body and would only like to tone… I have what me and my partner call Hula hoop😂 which I need gone and my tummy fat… although my Lil girl is still too little I have to do this…
    Please continue motivating all other mommies.. I included.. Good luck on your weight loss mummy… you’ve won at this motherhood thing. .. big ups…

    1. Hey Mama, thanks for visiting the blog.
      i hope that we can motivate each other through our fitness journeys. the one thing i have come to accept, maybe it will help you too is that i will never be able to go hit the gym for 2 hours like i used to. well maybe when Aidan is 3 years old .. but for now, i’ve gotta work with what I’ve got. My mission is to get in shape through home workouts as short as possible but still effective. Slowly but surely.

      I hate that people comment about your weight gain, I am sorry about that. That is the most unfair thing they could do. WE just grew human beings, i think we deserve to have ice cream to celebrate haha..

      I really hope I’ll be useful

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