My Post-Partum wardrobe favorites

After carrying a little human for nine months, I know I felt a little weird getting into clothes. I was so used to having a big bump that i just didn’t feel like myself without it.

I’ve always loved looking good so after having my son, I found that I had to change the way I would normally dress so I could feel good yet still be comfortable.

First thing I had to get rid of for the mean time was my high heels 😭😭 I’ve spent my whole life in heels, even through my pregnancy but while I was in recovery I couldn’t wear them because my balance was completely off. I’ve mentioned before that I spent a good part of my first few months with little to no abdominal control so I wasn’t going to risk falling on my face while out with my newborn.

So I learned to like (not love) flat shoes. My fovourite pair has been sneakers, pumps and sandals. And if I wear heels, i would chose the pair with the shortest heels.

  • Kimonos and cover ups

I really loved this Kimono from Foshini because it allowed me to wear anything underneath and not have worry about my shape or tummy. The floral style really pulled all the attention to the Kimono and away from everything else. I just wore a tank top and jeans underneath but still felt beautiful.In the winter I would replace this with long trench coats.😊

  • High Waisted Sets

Whenever I wearing pants, I preferred high waisted straight legged pants. After having my Aidan, I was pretty unsure about my body shape so I just tried to keep all my fits loose especially from the waist down. The only requirement was for the actual waist of the pants to fit quiet snug around my waistline but not so much that it would push up any skin.

  • High waisted skirts

I absolutely loved these skirts Post partum because I could immediately through this on when my tummy was at its biggest. They made me feel super comfortable because they just cover up everything and you can just be free. The same rule went with these, they had to be flared or loose fitting. Only snug around the waist.

  • Activewear

This fit is definitely one of my all time favorites. I got this at ASOS maternity and it served me so well throughout and after the pregnancy. The plus about this fit is that the top is feeding friendly(has openings on each side) so whenever I wore it, I could easily feed Aidan on the go. This is a definite must have and It’s super comfy. I’ll be keeping it in my closet for a long time. Another thing that I would have loved to wear postpartum would have been anything peplum, I feel as though peplum fits just take attention off your midsection and places it on your face and other beautiful parts of you ❤️

Thank you for taking the time to read up on this and let me know if you liked it👍🏽 or if you have any questions.

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