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The festive season is fast approaching and if you’re anything like my husband an I, you’ll be up and about and barely home during this time. We’ve been a bit nervous about how we’ll be able to travel best with Aidan, mostly debating on whether flying is better than driving with a baby. But the honest truth is my husband is just scared of flying 🙈 Aidan is just his best excuse right now and you know what, I’m just gonna let it slide. We’ve since decided that we will drive to our destinations for now until he is a bit older (or until we have to go where cars can’t take us).

Okay so we’ve been trying to get Aidan oriented with his car seat and being comfortable with being in the car for some time. From the beginning Aidan has always hated his car seat and I don’t blame him cause who would enjoy being buckled down facing a seat with no idea where your going or what’s actually going on.. 

For the past couple of weeks, we take drives when my husband gets home and even on the weekend, here are some of tips we’ve been doing..

  1. I prefer to get Aidan in the car when I know that nap time is close, it makes it easier to him to fall asleep.
  2. Once in the car, I don’t buckle him down immediately, we just sit there in the car chatting with me and dad first.
  3. Only when we are mobile do I buckle him down 
  4. I sit in the backseat with him the whole time that he’s awake and talk to him and play until he is sleeping. 
  5. Whilst Aidan is asleep, his dad and I try to keep talking so he knows we are still around him. 
  6. Once he wakes up, we find a place where we can make a pit stop. Then we get out of the car and take a short walk and do light stretches. This is meant to give Aidan a break from the car.
  7. Then if there’s no place where I can sit, we go back to the car for a feeding, burp him, then repeat from step 2. 

We’ve been at this for about 2-3 weeks now and I so think he is getting a little more comfortable with the car seat because the other day we had to pick up my car from service which meant that I had to drive alone with Aidan in the back. I was really nervous that he would just cry the whole way but he actually slept the whole way back. From the moment I started driving,I just kept talking and singing to him and I guess it kept him reassured that I was still there. 
Anyway.. that’s what we’ve been up to, I hope it helps any mamas that are wanting to prepare for travel with their babas. 💋

Aidan at one of the pit stops on our trip

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  1. Hi Anita. I have been meticulously following your journey from about the beginning of this year. I make sure to find time once a week to catch up on a little snippet of your life through the Instagram and blog window you have so generously left open for us. Before I seem like a total creep, the other day it dawned on me why it was so important for me to do this, and it is because it keeps me going. Your life is so different from the norm, it would be shocking if we weren’t seeing how you take it all up in your stride and are honest about even the hiccups on the road. I am 21, an entrepreneur with a rapidly growing Confections business, engaged to a fiancé who lives on another continent 9 months of the year and trying to keep my head from spinning off the hinges. You make me believe it is possible to have it ALL. You embody to me a woman who has not let what we have been told we are supposed to do or be dictate the journey of your life. You are so gracious even in the face of malice from other women who more than likely envy you, but because as women we don’t know how to stop and tell each other “you are doing great. I am proud of you. Keep shining”, we turn to sniding. For every post, even as you are documenting it for your own journey, please know it gives us that little push to go further when we want to tap out when we see a fellow young woman, in our own land and social circles, doing what we would only term impossible. Good bless your richly, and allow you to pour the sparkle to your beautiful family. Keep shining, and thank you. x

    1. Hi Anneliese, It has taken me so long to reply your comment and i apologize for that. I was just taken aback by it. I am so grateful for the love and support you have shown me. As a woman, I a value your positive comment. It is so hard to juggle all that i am trying to juggle right now and at times i find myself battling with balancing it all. Thank you for the kind words, thank your for the support, the sisterhood and love. I wish you all the best in your business endeavors, relationship and personal goals. Again, thank you so much. I cannot express how much i needed to ‘hear’ those words

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