My Fenty Beauty Face (Review)

Hey Guys, after a really long week I finally got to trying out my Fenty Beauty products. 

I have only been able to get 3 products in my possession so I’ll be reviewing just those for now and I will update the review once I increase my Fenty collection.

Here are the product swatches..

So first of all, I have l the Profiltr foundation in the shade 400. I have to say that this foundation just applies, blends and sets so beautifully on my skin. It is a definite must have but I do think I will need a darker shade maybe 410 for when I’ve spent enough time in the Botswana sun (around November/December) 😆. 

Fenty Beauty Foundation shade 400

I really love how this foundation just looks undetectable after application. Also I usually prefer natural like makeup looks and this foundation is just exactly what my makeup kit was missing. I can now achieve a flawless foundation finish when I do chose to wear foundation.

I applied one light layer on as I prefer light coverage but even on the parts where I felt I needed more, it was so easy to build up the coverage to achieve exactly what I was looking for.

Next up is the ‘Mean Money/Hu$tla Baby’ highlighter. For the look that I went for in the review, I used the Hu$tla Baby highlight which I found to be super pigmented but it toned down after I used my setting spray. I would advise for it to be applied in moderation and to use a fan brush for the best application.  

Fenty Glow
Hustla Baby highlighter

I used the highlighter on my cheeks and on the bridge of my nose. 

Last but not least is the Fenty Glow Gloss Bomb Universal Lip Luminizer ..

I’ve never liked lips natural color which is why I always have lipstick on and even though this gloss has a rose like undertone it will definitely take a lot for me to wear this gloss by itself. After this review I will be experimenting with different liners to find my preferred gloss look.
Apart from my feelings about my lips.. the gloss itself feels very moisturizing, it’s not sticky but it is quite thick. The shine is perfect and almost gives off a strobing effect on the lips. 

It has a very pleasant and fruity smell which is why Aidan was all over it😄 he just couldn’t get enough of mommys kisses 💋

After spending the day in Fenty Beauty, I would give my overall experience a 9.5/ 10 which I came to because of my lip feelings(my only issue). But the biggest plus was that after a couple of hours I did sweat out a little but the foundation still held on with the assistance of a little fanning. I think the foundation is semi water resistant because even washing it off my hand took a little more effort than I had expected. This is exactly what I need for my Botswana weather. 

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