Birthing Baby Aidan: Day 2

Our first night with Aidan in the hospital was quiet, and when I say quiet, that is exactly what I mean. Aidan did not wake up that night unlike the other newborns we could hear screaming throughout the night. We were woken up by a nurse, who was letting us know that she was there to change my bedding etc.. 

Day 2, was the day we became parents, day 1 was meeting the little guy but only on the second day did we feel the change, the need to protect our little one. Keep reading to find out why. 

As you know, Aidan is the first child to myself and my husband, we did not know a thing about newborns, breastfeeding, anything related to babies. We had read a lot of material and watched as many videos etc as we could but nothing could have truly prepared us for our first day. If at all I could say that there was one thing that deeply disappointed us about the nurses at the hospital was that, they were too busy judging us to actually be of assistance. I mean, my husband and I are already used to the fact that almost every where we go, people will hold opinions about us and most of them are pretty negative but the maternity ward was the last place we expected such. Even if they weren’t in favor of us, I really expected our nurses to be quite hands on and help us understand what we needed to do for our little one. We spent the whole night asleep, the whole day with a crying baby, and they were not bothered, not even to show us how to burp Aidan. It really would have been nice to see people going beyond their small mindsets and choosing to do their jobs, choosing to mind their own business in terms of the details of our relationship and putting the health of our child first. 

Aidan only started to cry that morning, as he was hungry. I remember trying to get my nipple into his mouth, not really sure if I was doing it right(breastfeeding is so hard in the beginningπŸ˜…). Aidan spent the day crying no matter how long I kept my breast in his mouth. And every time a nurse came we would ask them questions like how to make sure he was getting enough milk and we would get uninterested responses such as “don’t you know that babies need to be fed regularly then burped ,where’s your mother?” My husband and I were quick to realize that we were not really going to get the help that we needed from them. But to be fair there were some that were pretty helpful, showing us how to get Aidan to latch on better. But by noon, we were convinced that we were on our own with this. 

Aidan continued to cry, while we kept on trying to feed him better.. he went on for so long that when Aidan’s godmother came to visit we just asked her to bring some formula because for the life of us, we just didn’t know if our cub was actually getting any food. This was yet another disappointment for us because we really wanted to breastfeed exclusively but we’d do anything to keep the boy healthy and happy. Thankfully he calmed down thereafter, we thought the formula did the trick. 

But about an hour later, he started at it again. This time, we were determined to breastfeed. I must say there is something about colostrum and it’s quantity that just makes you feel like it’s just not enoughπŸ˜“ When it was time for me to take a shower he was still screaming, a cry that was so painful to me as his mother (I should be the soother of his cries, right) – I started crying too because I had never felt so helpless before. His father quickly took him and started soothing him, trying to calm him down but wasn’t winning that war as well. 

He looked up at me and said, “have you checked his diaper?” We laid him down, opened it and there it was, the reason he was so upset. There was no odor so we really couldn’t have smelled that he had gone number 2 πŸ™ˆπŸ˜“

Let me just say, in the end we were okay with the nurses not paying much attention to us and treating us the way they did because, they helped us remember that we were a team and that we had this little guy now that depended on us. We had to be intuitive and pay close attention because babies cry for different reasons, it’s finding out why and fixing it that makes it so worthwhile, even now. 

I spent that night on high alert, with Aidan sleeping in my bed, I was attending to him with every sound he made, making sure he was comfortable and okay.  It made me so happy to see him responding to me soothing him, to see him sleeping so soundly, I would spend minutes on end watching over him before napping. When I think I about it, that is the day my maternal instinct kicked in, that is; the day I became mom. Aidan was born on the 10th of June and a mother, Aidan’s mother was born on the 11th πŸ’› 

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9 thoughts on “Birthing Baby Aidan: Day 2

  1. My milk only started coming out on the 2nd day, I was worried the cholustrum she was getting was not enough and even thought of buying formula myself, but the midwives at the hospital told me to let nature just take it’s course. And the worst part is that nobody tells you breastfeeding is painful at first. Sore nipples, etc. But keep at it, it’s a wonderful feeling I miss at times

    1. My milk came in on the 5th day πŸ˜“ I was so worried. Yes breastfeeding was one of my other greatest challenges in the beginning 2 weeks.. i have since become more comfortable, it takes a really patient heart

  2. Oh woow..When reading this I felt I am not alone.. my baby is a week old, and had it bad too because of lack of support at the hospital that 1 st night I cried with the baby at nightπŸ™ˆ
    It’s till hectic since I am a first time mum, I am still paranoid and all.. it’s good to know people go through same thing that you thought happened to you alone.. thanks

    1. I’m glad I could give you some sort of comfort πŸ’› I think maybe they do it on purpose, to make sure that we get on high alert mode.

      Congratulations mama ✨ and good luck with your journey πŸ’‹

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