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I’ve heard it all too many times that most times the birthing plans you have will probably be tossed right out of the window when the actual day comes, my plan for birthing Aidan definitely did not come to life. My husband and I had always wanted for me to deliver Aidan vaginally and unmedicated, to help us fully appreciate what it meant to bring life into this world. We had talked about it many times and studied up on it.. by watching the ever so gruesome Youtube videosπŸ˜…

Aidans due date was the 10th June, and our gynae had started advising us to induce labour around week 37. His reasoning was that Aidan was full term and waiting longer could expose us to labour related risks. We had emphasized to our gynae that we really wanted to deliver naturally and that we were pretty uncomfortable with the idea of disturbing the little guy at 37 weeks if he clearly wasnt ready to make his way eartside, especially because the hospital and its doctors were known for being so popular for c-section births,so we decided to wait, at least until his due date. 

We waited without any signs that labour would come until we started week 40 and that is when we decided to make the arrangements to induce labour for the 10th of June. At this point, we were more than eager to meet Junior.

We gave to Aidan Dzuke Jnr at birth through an emergency c-section at Bokamoso Private Hospital, Gaborone. My experience was extremely emotional and it stretched out through 3 days, my post today will take you through my experience day by day.

  • Day 1 (10 June)

Our morning started quite early as we arrived at the hospital just after 8am, we registered at the reception and took one last walk around before being admitted.  After taking that final moment to ourselves we grabbed our overnight bags and headed for the maternity ward where we were met by our midwife who showed us to our room and began to check my weight, blood pressure etc all in preparation for the main event. 

Shortly after I slipped into the hospital gown and was strapped to the cardiotocograph(CTG) our Gynae arrived and we were now ready to begin. We were advised that labor would start shortly after the gel used was applied to my cervix and that it would last for approximately 6-8 hours. The CTG was left on to help the midwife monitor our babies heartbeat through the contractions. Less than 20 mins after started the induction, I began to experience contractions. Lord! How I wasn’t ready for how those felt πŸ˜“ They quickly progressed and the time between them was quite short. The midwife came in and advised us that she had pain medication on standby and that I should just let her know when to administer it. But I was determined to get through it medication free. 

An hour into the pains she came back and took a look at the CTG, she told us that the Aidan’s was experiencing fetal distress. His heart rate was reaching unusual or abnormal highs of 170-190bpm when the normal was between 110-160bpm, at this point my contractions were driving me crazy. She let our gynae know and he came to our room. I was only about 3cm dilated and he advised us that we might have to have a c-section, which for me was just too sudden. He said that at the rate that our baby was dealing,waiting for full dilation would risk us losing our baby.  I remember thinking “Oh no, maybe we should’ve just waited for labor to start naturally”, “what did we do?” Gosh!! My head was just so mixed up. This was definitely not part of the plan. 

We asked the doctor if he could give him more time and maybe he would get better but as I said this, the heart rate displayed on the CTG dropped all the way down to a devistating 80bpm and then even lower till the CTG wasn’t detecting anything. My heart dropped as I couldn’t bear the thought that my little guy wasn’t okay and that waiting could mean that we would expose him to birth risks even death. I remember seeking comfort in my husbands arms as we both made the decision to operate.Our hearts were filled with sadness but more so we were disappointed. Disappointed in ourselves, disappointed in our gynae, we had asked him if inducing would bear any risks, if it could steer us from our natural birthing plan but he was so adamant about it being so safe and so necessary for us to go through. We felt tricked but at the end of the day, we had made the decision, now we had to keep it moving and get our son out safely.  There was no way we could have let our decision to induce affect the health of our little one. 

So the doctor started to make arrangements for the c-section while my husband I took a few moments to pray for our little one. The nurses came in and began to prep me for the surgery. Once they were done, they began to push me to the theater room with my husbands hand in mine.  I remember asking him not to leave my side, no matter what as tears streamed down my face.

We got to the theatre room were we found all the other doctors waiting ready to begin but I asked them to wait to my husband to finish changing into the theater gear before beginning. I didn’t want to be alone in there with all those strangers. One of the nurses said ” I have never heard anyone asking for their husband during contractions” (clearly she had never been in the presence of a queen and her King😌❀️). We waited for him to come in and and once I had his hand in mine, the anesthetist put me under general anesthetic. In a couple of seconds I had logged out. 😴

When I came to, I was lying on my back with this  terrible pain radiating at my abdomen. My whole body was shaking and I was freezing 😨😫. I looked down to see that my bump was much smaller now and then it hit me that the surgery was done. My husband walked in shortly after and he said, “our son, he’s just everything, he’s so beautiful”.  It was done. Aidan was finally here, born into this world at 13:38 and I couldn’t wait to see him. 

Still in pain, they wheeled me back to my room where I found my son waiting quietly. My husband handed him to me and he was all so cute wrapped up in a little onesies and beanie that we had brought. Honestly, nothing could have prepared me for that moment. Seeing this little person who I had been anxiously waiting on for what seemed like forever and now he was here, by my side, eyes wide open, just so precious.

But even then I was still drowsy from the medication so I couldn’t really hold him as tightly as i wished, it was time to feed my cub … and boy was he starving. The rest of the day was basically dedicated to feeding and sleeping. 

Later that evening after waking up from a nap, the nurses came in and it was time for me to go and take a shower. This was the first time I had stood up since before the c-section.. 😫😫 This was the worst feeling ever, I had no control over my abdominal section so standing up, proved to be quite the challenge. As I stumbled on to my feet, I felt as though my insides were being tossed around with every step, definitely not the best feeling in the world. Struggling to catch my breath, I couldn’t imagine that I would make it all the way to the shower. But i did, the nurse the opened the water and started to bathe me, but he was about to start, my husband( oh how blessed I am to have him ❀️)  quickly came up and told him that he wanted to help me. 

That was yet another moment in that day that he reminded me that he was all in it with me, he gently bathed me making sure that I was not in any pain and that I was comfortable the whole time. I could not asks for better partner. When we were done, he helped me get dressed and walked me back into the bed. 

What can I say, it was a bittersweet day. On one hand, we had go into surgery and I was left feeling like absolute sh*t but on the other hand, I had my boys with me now, the squad, we were complete and I had never felt that much love before then ….

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  1. I swear i shed a tear… you have a beautiful family babe.. I’m almost envious πŸ˜…πŸ˜πŸ˜ i swear uma make my own cub if i keep reading your postsπŸ˜… Don’t stop though.. can’t wait for your next entry

  2. I got emotional reading this… am always amazed by women who are open about the journey of their pregnancy & giving birth! Not a mom myself as yet but looking forward to it & prepping for it.. so beautiful stories like yours are such a blessing! Thank you!

  3. I went through the same experience of longing for a natural birth for my first child, she was born 21 October 2016. I did a lot of research regarding where to give birth(public or private) and how to choose. I talked to nurses, gynaes etc on both sectors and in the end I came to the conclusion that the best chances I would have at giving birth naturally was if I committed to a public facility , and to this day I thank God I made that decision. I share the same experience with you when u say the baby was in distress at some point during labour, I know the feelings and emotions went through because u feel helpless. But luckily for me the doctor did not rush me to operate on me as he said there’s medicine to help the baby calm down, and he explained to me if after giving me a dose of the medicine and the baby is still in distress that’s when he would perform a csection. Her heartbeat stabilised and I Managed to give birth narurally as I had hoped for. However, as young mother’s it’s not particularly easy especially if things don’t go as planned, we just have to recognise God in everything and thank Him for blessing us with these little troopers.

    1. There a medicine to help with that 😟 I’m pretty sure my doctor just really wanted to operate on me. I’m really considering going to a public facility for my next births.

      Thank you for sharing your story mamaπŸ’‹

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