Watching your weight πŸ€”πŸ™„

Lately I’ve been getting a lot of comments on my weight gain during my pregnancy and a lot of them have been quite negative.. “You’re so big, I’m sure you can’t wait to snap back”, “you must miss your pre-pregnancy body”. The worst one had to be “girl, are you sure you’re not carrying twins?” I’m not sure if people that say these things understand how rude they are being.
I am making and carrying a human being, honestly my weight is the last thing on my mind. Yes I know we are all different in the way we see life, some women would rather exercise extensively the whole 9 months and that’s perfectly fine with me, as long as no one is looking at me to do the same.

I am one those people who can get really obsessed with their bodies, if I want to lose weight I’ll go at it with everything I have. Pre-pregnancy I was in the gym all the time, actually I had just lost my 18th kg and looking forward to ripped absπŸ˜‚ when I fell pregnant I was determined to be back at the gym after my first trimester but by the time that was over, I had no strength or energy for it. I was exhausted.
So I thought I’d let it slide, I decided to enjoy the next 6 months and release myself from any feeling of guilt. Since then I’ve been eating what I want, doing what I want and I’m really enjoying it πŸ’› I get to put all my focus on the baby and as long as he’s healthy, I’m doing everything just right. Β I remember telling my husband and he was so happy that I was taking a break off gym that he started cooking more. He ate with me through these months and gained weight with me ❀️

I remember him telling me that if I could lose 18kgs before, I could certainly do it again, at my own time and that he would work out with me. I swear I thank my lucky stars each day for him because the level of compassion and adoration that he has shown me throughout this journey is the very reason behind my smiles, confidence and laughter. The honest truth is I probably would have been still obsessed with my weight into my pregnancy if it wasn’t for the constant reminders of how beautiful and powerful I am to him.

I see absolutely no reason for me to be hitting the gym 24/7 right now, I do my necessary exercise; walks, using my pregnancy ball and all the light exercises to prepare me for labor. Yes I’ll work out after my son is here, but at my own pace and will be happy to share the journey with other moms who are one the road back to a fit and healthier lifestyle.

I am really for the idea of women appreciating themselves through all the different stages of their lives, appreciating the powerful work that they do, the rest is just cosmetics.

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