My 1st Trimester Β 

My first trimester was just a breeze. I had no morning sickness at all or any of the other dreaded first trimester symptoms. I was actually experiencing the opposite. I spent my first trimester hungry and sleepy. That’s all! I ate all the time and yawned throughout it.. no matter what I tried to help balance my eating, it didn’t work, 30 minutes after having a big meal I’d be dead hungry again. 

Above is a picture of me a couple weeks (maybe 6) prego at 54kgs. I gained up to 10 kgs in those 3 short months. When speaking to my mom about this, she advised me that my body was only doing what it needed to do and I just had to allow myself time to go through the process. 

Honestly, I’ve never believed that your partner could experience pregnancy symptoms for you but to my surprise my fiancΓ© was throwing up all the time, getting dizzy spells.. it was so funny how we were both trying to take care of each other yet we were both tired all the time. It’s as if he was sharing the symptoms with me, If ever I needed any confirmation that we were in this together, that was it. 

I remember walking around campus, smiling all by myself knowing that no one around me could tell that I was pregnant.. those were really the best first months, coming to the realization that soon I’d have a dependent, someone who would look to me to learn how to be a human being.

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I'm a young mom, recently married and going about life also trying to record most of my journey. It's complicated but so rewarding too.

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